Please find what is happening daily in MY DREAM School as well as in Bognayili, from the words by Yukari Hara MY's Executive Director.

MY DREAM幼稚園やボナイリで毎日どのようなことが起こっているのか、MY DREAM.org代表の原ゆかりの言葉で、村の様子をお伝えします。

Please visit MY DREAM. org's official Facebook page for the latest updates.

MY DREAMプロジェクトの最新情報はFacebookページをご覧ください。

<November 2016>

To have a few meetings and to celebrate the fourth-year anniversary, I visited Bognayili along with Stan and Holy, who have been assisting MY DREAM. org from Accra. This year's ceremony was organized by the team in a way people exchange thoughts and ideas regarding what MY DREAM. org had achieved so far and which area specifically we should focus in the next few years. It was so impressive to find how people were eager to speak out and contribute to the discussion.

チームとのミーティングと4周年記念式典に参加するために、今回はアクラチームのスタンとホリーと一緒にボナイリ村を訪れました。今年の式典では、村のみんながMY DREAMプロジェクトの過去の取組についての反省や教訓、今後目指すべきことなどについて自由に意見交換できるようにプログラムが組まれました。村のみんなが口々に意見を発表し、議論に貢献しようとする姿がとっても印象的でした。

<June 2016>

This time I visited Bognayili with "Rukaya", a picture book that illustrates a Ghanaian girl Rukaya's dream and life in Bognayili. Looking at the book, pointing pictures which seem very familiar, children screamed from joy "I know this, this is MY DREAM School!" 

今回のボナイリ村訪問のお供は絵本『ルカヤ』子ども達がどんな反応を見せてくれるか、ドキドキしながら手渡したところ...この表情!見覚えのある景色や建物を指差しては、「これ知ってる!MY DREAM幼稚園だよ!」といった具合に喜んでくれました。


Please click the picture below so that you will find the web picture book "RUKAYA." 

<February 2016>

Early in February, I paid a visit to Bognayili after a few months of absence. It was so rewarding to find children grown up and projects being progressed little by little. Currently, most of the villagers are committed to materialize their first-ever village clinic. Early in the morning, please come out to the project site and help contractors to build the foundation and pile blocks. Women help fetching water for the construction. It is all our dream that lives of children will not be lost due to curable diseases.


<January 2016>

We cannot thank you enough for kind and continuous support throughout the year 2015. Thanks to such supports, we have observed remarkable progresses in both education, health and sanitation, and income-generation activities. We would not rush, but will surely move forward with villagers to assure that children who have graduated from, who go to and who will be part of MY DREAM School, will find, pursue and finally realise their own precious MY DREAMs. We'd appreciate your kind supports this year in advance. We wish you a very happy new year.

*In Bognayili, a muslim community, people celebrate a new year in October after Ramadan. However for villagers as well, as January 1st is an important day to renew their minds and determinations, we decided to send our greetings to our valued supporters.

2015年も世界中の多くの皆様に支えていただき、ありがとうございました。おかげさまで、教育、保健・衛生、収入向上全ての面において、少しずつではありますが、一つ一つ前進することができたように思います。MY DREAM幼稚園を卒園した先輩達、在園中の子ども達、未来の園児達を取り巻く環境を一つ一つ良いものにできるように、そして子ども達が自らの夢、MY DREAMを見つけ、追いかけ、叶えていけるように、2016年も精進してまいります。今後とも皆様の温かい応援を賜れますと幸いです。


<October 2015>

Mr. Zak, co-Executive Director of MY DREAM. org sent us a picture of the community meeting to discuss MY DREAM Clinic Project. What is the optimal size for the clinic serving Bognayili and even neighbouring communities, what should be discussed with Ghana Health Service to move forward... The team trusts this project shall be driven not only by a couple of people, but by the entire communites to make sure it will really be the very one that meets the needs of the communities. Therefore, they are planning to call for the larger meeting where they'll see more people joining to plan the project.

>>>>> MY DREAM Clinic Project

ボナイリ村でMY DREAMプロジェクトを取り仕切るMY DREAM. org共同代表のザックから、コミュニティ会合の様子が写真で送られてきました。村の...ひいては近隣の村の皆にも裨益するようなクリニックにするためには、どれくらいの規模の建物が必要なのか、ガーナ保健局と今後どんな話を詰めていく必要があるのか...村人全員の、コミュニティ全体のためのクリニックは、なるべく多くの人達を計画の段階から巻き込んで整備される必要があると考えるチームは、近日中により多くの人々を集め、意見交換会を行なう予定です。

>>>>> MY DREAMクリニック整備プロジェクト

<September 2015>

Earlier this year, MY DREAM team in Bognayili finally pursuaded Ghana Health Service (GHS) and won their support for MY DREAM Clinic Project, which had long been one of their most desired goals. GHS agreed to dispatch health workers and establish supply chain for a clinic, once the structure is completed.

MY DREAM Project aims at assisting people in Bognayili to better the environments themselves. Therefore, the organization does not usually invest in running costs, including salary for teachers or health workers and cost for medical supplies for instance. We trust such running cost should be a responsible of local governments or the community, while also trusting that attitude will lead independence and self-sustainability of the community.

The project was just launched and would require further works, however we were fortunate enough to enjoy great support last month from Japanese and Ghanaian communities in New York. Having supporters around the globe truly encourage people in Bognayili to further their efforts in developing their own community! Thank you indeed!

>>>>> MY DREAM Clinic Project

今年に入ってボナイリ村のMY DREAMチームの懸命な働きかけが功を奏し、遂にガーナ行政からの支援を得られる目処がたったため、MY DREAMクリニック整備プロジェクトが本格始動しました。建物さえ整えば、保健従事者の手配と薬の調達を約束する、という約束を取り付けるのに数年を要しましたが、ようやく建物が出来た後の運営を具体的にイメージし始められるようになりました。

MY DREAMプロジェクトは、あくまでボナイリ村の人達が自らの力で村の環境を向上させる手助けを行なうプロジェクト。そのため、先生の給与やクリニック完成後の人材手配や薬の供給等、永遠に出費が続くランニングコストにはタッチしない、をポリシーにプロジェクト運営に当たっています。行政に頼れる部分は行政に、そうでないのであれば村人達が集金をしながら、自らの力で工面する。そういう積み重ねが、自立につながると信じています。


>>>>> MY DREAMクリニック整備プロジェクト

<July 2015>

In early July, three men from Arigatou Service Ltd., an official partner of FC Imabari, kindly paid a visit to Bognayili and handed over FC Imabari's used uniform, T-shirt and football for FC Bognayili's children. "MY DREAM is to be a football player." There're many kids both in Imabari and Bognayili who have this kind of dream. Yukari Hara, a founder of MY DREAM. org is also very pleased and grateful to witness the bridge between these children and communities they belong to be betted. We promise that all the donated football gears will be utilised well and shared by 100+ FC Bognayili's footballers! We cannot thank you, Arigato Service Ltd.!!

Arigatou Service Official Website (Japanese only): Only):
FC Imabari's Official Website:

Photo by Kanako Otani

7月上旬、FC今治のパートナー企業であるサービス株式会社から3名の社員の皆さんが村に足を運んでくださり、お古のユニフォームとTシャツ、サッカーボールを寄贈してくださいました。「将来はサッカー選手になりたい」という共通の夢を持つ若者達をつなぐ交流、遠く離れた二つのコミュニティのフットボールクラブが繫がる事、今治出身のMY DREAM. org代表の原もとても嬉しく、有り難く思っています。いただいたサッカーグッズは、100名超のFCボナイリの全員で大切に使わせていただきます。ありがとうサービス株式会社の皆様、ありがとうございました!(写真提供:大谷 可菜子)


<July 2015>

Following kind donation of footballs from Mr. Nakamachi of Yokohama F. Marinos, a Japanese professional football team, FC Bognayili was excited to receive another donation of 19 sets of football uniforms from Keio University's Football team. We promise that the uniforms donated will be well utilised and shared among FC Bognayili's children! We cannot thank enough to Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and NPO Doooooooo, who brought these gifts and happiness from Japan!

NPO Doooooooo's Official Faecbook:

Photo by Kanako Otani 

数か月前に横浜マリノスの中町選手からボナイリFCにサッカーボールを寄贈頂いたご縁で、今回は慶應義塾体育会ソッカー部のユニフォーム19着を寄贈いただきました!ご縁を繋いでくださった青年海外協力隊員の皆さんとNPO Doooooooo様にも心から感謝しています。頂いたユニフォームは、FCボナイリの皆で大事に大事に使わせていただきます。ありがとうございます!(写真提供:大谷 可菜子)

<June 2015>

Please find the notebooks donated by Nishikawa Stationary in last November, which children at MY DREAM School use every day for their study. We trust every single word and number they write on these notebooks will surely lead them up to their hopeful future where they will realize their own MY DREAMs. We cannot thank Nishikawa Stationary enough. Thank you indeed.

昨年11月に愛媛県西条市の西川商店様から寄贈いただいたノート、MY DREAM幼稚園の子どもたちが日々のお勉強のために大切に使っています。一字一字、このノートに書き込んでいくことの積み重ねが、子どもたちの夢の実現につながること信じて、これからも子どもたちの教育支援を続けていきます。西川商店様、価値ある寄贈をいただき、有り難うございました!

<April 2015>

Madame Fatimata is one of the first teachers who taught at MY DREAM School. Right after she graduated from senior high school in 2012, she started teaching pre-school children. Today, she is the first student ever who's from Bognayili in Tamale Polytechnic, one of the best special training schools in the region. No doubt, she is a role model for many kids in the village. Early April, I had a chance to talk with her mother. We discussed how important it is to invest in children's education for everyone's better future. She said, "When I decided to pay a lot of money for Fatimata's education, there were some people who were against it. Some even told me that the investment may not bear fruit during my life and I may not feel the return myself. Yet, I made my decision to use money I saved from shea butter processing, as I knew education will do something good for my daughter's life."

ファトゥマタ先生は、MY DREAM幼稚園の初代先生の一人。高校を卒業してすぐの2012年、彼女は幼稚園で子どもたちを教える事を引き受けてくれました。今、彼女は地域でも指折りの専門学校ポリテクニックに通っています。ボナイリ村から、このレベルの学校に進んだ女生徒は彼女が初めて。ファトゥマタは、紛れもなく幼稚園の皆にとっての憧れのお姉さんです。4月上旬、ファトゥマタのお母さんと話す機会に恵まれました。お母さん達と、皆のより良い未来を切り開いていくためにも教育が大切だよね、といった趣旨の話をする中で、ファトゥマタのお母さんはこう話してくれました。「ファトゥマタの学費を支払う事を決めたとき、多くの人に反対されたわ。中には、お前が生きてる間にその見返りが得られないかもしれないのにどうして子どもの教育にお金をかけるんだと言ってきた人もいる。けれどシアバターづくりを通して稼いだお金を、私はファトゥマタの教育のために使う事にしたのよ。教育はきっと娘の将来に良い影響を与えてくれると信じているから。」

<March 2015>

MY DREAM School since its establishment in 2012 has been attached to one of the primary schools in Bognayili, which is called R/C Roman Catholic School (though all the students and teachers are muslim). A week ago during the weekend, a headmaster of the school Mr. Husama and Mme. Rachida kindly visited Bognayili from Tamale to discuss MY DREAM School's and children's future as a whole with Zak, MY DREAM School's teacher Abdurahim and me. Mr. Husama brought another great news to us. GES has decided to send three teachers including Mme. Rachida to MY DREAM School, and from 23rd, Monday last week, they actually started coming to teach our loving children. Mr. Husama told me, "One of MY DREAMs is to see my children are communicating with you someday in Siminga (English)." I cannot wait communicating with children graduating from MY DREAM School in English in a few years!

MY DREAM幼稚園は、2012年に設立された当初から、村に二つある小学校のうちの一つ、ローマン・カソリック(R/C)小学校(通う先生も学生も皆イスラム教徒ですが)の傘下の公立の幼稚園として位置づけられています。1週間前の週末、そのR/C小学校のウサマ校長先生とラシーダ先生が、ザック、幼稚園の先生を務めてきたアブドゥラヒムと私と、幼稚園と子どもたちの未来について話すために、タマレからボナイリ村までやってきてくれました。ウサマ校長先生は、さらに驚くような素晴らしいニュースを届けてくれました。教育局がMY DREAM幼稚園に、ラシーダ先生を含め3名の先生を配置してくれる事が決定したというのです。そして3名の先生は既に先週月曜日23日から、幼稚園で村の大事な子どもたちを教え始めてくれています。ウサマ校長先生は、「私のマイドリームのひとつは、いつか子どもたちがしっかり勉強して英語でゆかりと喋っている姿を見る事」と話してくれました。数年後、幼稚園を巣立った子どもたちと英語で会話が出来る日が、楽しみで仕方ありません。

<January 2015>

"This is a goodnews education office are given my dream one teacher now she is lady" We received a great message from a project coordinator Mr. Zak this morning. 
Since MY DREAM School was inaugurated in November 2012, 1-2 teacher(s) have been hired by the people of Bognayili with collected monthly allowance for children going to school (Appx. USD 0.50-0.60). Volunteer teachers from the village also extended their supports for hired teachers occasionally, however it was never easy to handle 180 children with only 2-3 teachers. So as to overcome the biggest challenge for the school, lack of teachers, Mr. Zak and members of the education team have visited and requested the education office to post a teacher at the school many times for the past two years. Finally their wish will be materialized. Their patient and continuous efforts will finally bring a teacher to the school!

今朝、プロジェクト・コーディネーターのザックから本当に嬉しいお知らせが!「いい知らせだよ!教育局がMY DREAM幼稚園に女の先生を一人配置してくれることになった!」

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!/ 謹賀新年2015

Thank you very much for all your supports and helps extended for our projects throughout the year 2014! We will go further this year 2015, and hope you will keep staying with us to make another differences for the better future. We wish you all the best in 2015:-)



<<November 2014>>

(Photo by Yuki Takanashi)

(Photo by Kazuma Castle Ogura)

On 22nd November 2014, MY DREAM School celebrated its second year anniversary. Children, their parents, their grand parents, their siblings, the chief of Bognayili and elders, MY DREAM team members, supporters from Accra and from around the world gather for this memorable day. On the very same day, we also celebrated completion of the Pavilion that faces MY DREAM School. The ceremony was indeed full of vigour and smile of everybody. We all enjoyed dance performance and talks by the Assembly man as a MC, Mme. Adisa, a former head of Africa 2000 Network as a supervisor of MY, Mr. Damba, an education team leader of MY and me, an executive director of MY The day and moments were something very special for us. While looking at people's face full of joy, I was almost about to cry, of cause for joy. We have gone through the two years hand in hand, which was not only joyful but also tough sometime. What I could and I thought should was only to thank all those who engaged in MY DREAM projects. Without proactive engagement of MY DREAM members, particularly Mr. Zak, another executive director of the organisation and support from around the world, we could not have gone this far. Literally, I would want to thank you all million times. MY is now two years old, and will grow further. I would want all our partners who kindly take their times to have a look at our webpage to keep staying with us to assist further developments in our project. We'd all appreciate your continuous support.

(Photo by Yoko Higuchi)

(Photo by Shinichi Hara)

(Photo by Keiko Hara)

2014年11月22日、MY DREAM幼稚園は2周年を迎えました。子どもたち、その両親、お爺ちゃんおばあちゃん、兄弟、ボナイリ村の曹長と長老達、MY DREAMチームメンバー、アクラや世界中からの支援者が一同に会し、2周年をお祝いしました。同日には、お遊技場の完成披露も行ないました。式典は参加した皆の元気な姿と笑顔に溢れました。式典に参加した皆は、ダンスや、司会を務めたアセンブリーマン、Africa 2000 Networkの元代表でありMY DREAM.orgにとっては大切な助言者でもあるマダム・アディサ、MY DREAM教育チームのダンバ、そして私自身の想いを込めたスピーチを楽しんでくれているようでした。2周年を迎えられたこの日は、私たちにとってかけがえの無い一日でした。人々の歓喜に溢れる様子を見て、涙が出そうでした。手を取り合ってこの2年間を皆で歩んできましたが、嬉しいこともあれば、時には苦しいこともありました。私に出来たことは、すべきだと思ったことは、ただただ関わってきてくれた全ての皆さんに感謝の気持ちを伝えることだけでした。文字通り、感謝しても仕切れない、そういう気持ちでいっぱいでした。MY DREAM. orgは2歳になりました。これからも大きく大きく成長していきたいと思います。このウェブサイトを見るために時間を取ってくれている全ての支援者の皆様には、是非、今後ともプロジェクトを見守っていただけると嬉しいです。今後ともどうぞ宜しくお願いします。

(Photo by Keiko Hara)

(Photo by Chika Takanashi)

(Photo by Yoko Higuchi)

(Photo by Yoko Higuchi)

(Photo by Yuki Takanashi)

<<September 2014>>

In September, MY's promising secretary, Stan and administrative officer, Richard traveled from Accra to Bognayili for their multiple missions. One of the most important missions they completed is to lead awareness-raising activities on Ebola. They organized Ebola preparedness sessions for mothers, fathers and children at MY DREAM School, and pasted posters that show symptoms of the Ebola Virus Disease and how to prevent it. As of 25th October, there's no case of Ebola reported confirmed in Ghana, MY wants to spread words to raise awareness among people in the community and to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

9月、MY DREAM.orgの頼りになるセクレタリーのStan、事務職員のRichardの二人が、アクラからボナイリ村に出張しました。彼らが見事に成し遂げた、出張の最も重要なミッションの一つは、エボラ出血熱に関する予防啓発。お父さん、お母さん、子どもたちのためにセッションを開いて、エボラ出血熱について話をし、村中にエボラ出血熱の症状と予防法を示すポスターを貼りました。10月25日現在、ガーナ国内では未だエボラ出血熱の確定例が1件も報告されていませんが、最悪の事態に備えた予防のためにMY DREAM.orgとして出来ることを積み重ねていきたいと思っています。

<<August 2014>>

During my visit in August, I had chances to talk with men, women and the chief of Bognayili as well as the elders. What we discussed was preparedness for the possible Ebola outbreak in Ghana. As of 15th August, there's no confirmed case of the disease within the country, however as we cannot 100% deny the possibility of the virus entering the country and the village, we thought we'd better take an action to raise our awareness at the earliest possible point. When I asked villagers a question "Do you know what Ebola is?", I realised how little is known by them. Some mothers, however, had already learned from radio jingles that Ebola can be spread through eating bush meat like a fruit bat or a food eaten by one. I shared what I learned from the experiences in the last several months in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, which seemed to have impressed them and raised awareness among them to some extent. Utilising a poster that shows symptoms of the Ebola disease and how to prevent infection, the Health team will work further to prevent the spread of the disease even when they encounter the first case in Ghana.

8月にボナイリ村を訪問した際に、村の人達と、曹長、長老達と話す機会を持ちました。もっぱらのトピックは、エボラ出血熱がもしガーナでも発生したときに備えて何をすればいいのか、ということ。8月15日現在、ガーナ国内ではエボラ出血熱の確定ケースは確認されていませんが、ガーナに、ボナイリ村にエボラ出血熱はやってこないとは必ずしも言い切れないため、早め早めの対策をということで、皆で話をしました。「エボラ出血熱知ってる?」と聞くと、いかに西アフリカだけでなく今は世界中を騒がせているこの病気のことを村の人達が知らないかが分かりました。ですが、何名かのお母さん達は、ラジオの放送から、エボラ出血熱がフルーツコウモリなどの肉を食べたり、コウモリの齧った食べ物を口にすることで感染するという知識を持っていました。過去数ヶ月間の間に、近隣諸国のギニア、シエラレオネ、リベリアでどんなことが起こってきたのか、ボナイリ村であり得る行動や例を取り上げながら話をしていくと、村の人達には印象深かったようで、注意喚起にも多少の効果があったように感じられました。今後、予防啓発のポスターを用いて、MY DREAM.orgの保健チームが中心となって、一層の村人達の注意喚起を行なっていく予定です。

<<May 2014>>
On 11th May, MY awarded pupils who did well (over 90%) either in English, math or drawing in the last term-end exams. Children awarded received a certificate of excellent achiever as well as small gifts, for instance a set of a colouring book and crayons from MY's Education Team, Health Team and teachers of MY DREAM School. MY will award such children twice a year to motivate not only children themselves but also their parents. We believe such an award will encourage all children to study harder and parents to value education and send their children to school. (Photo by Yoko Higuchi)

5月11日、MY DREAM.orgは先学期の英語、算数、お絵描きいずれかのテストで90点以上をおさめた優秀な園児たちの表彰式を行いました。表彰された子ども達は、表彰状とともに塗り絵の本とクレヨンのセットなどの副賞をMY DREAM.orgの教育チーム、保健チーム、幼稚園の先生達から受け取りました。私たちは今後も毎年2回ずつ、子ども達だけでなく親のモチベーションを上げるためにも、優秀な成績を収めた子ども達の表彰を行ないたいと思っています。表彰状と副賞がもらえるということが、全ての子ども達がより勉強に力を入れるきっかけとなり、親御さん達が教育の価値をより重く受け止め子ども達を学校に送り出すことに繫がればと願っています。(写真提供:樋口 陽子)

<<April 2014>>

On 5th Sunday, I met Mme. Adisa Lansah Yakubu, a former executive director of Africa 2000 Network, one of the most experienced and established local NGOs in Ghana and a reliable advisory members of MY to discuss the current situations and potential future challenges of the projects. She suggested to organize a community-based action planning workshop among villagers in Bognayili and agreed to hold the session during the Easter holiday on 19th Saturday this month in Dagbani, their local language. 

5日(日)、ガーナの現地NGOの中でも経験豊富で評判高いAfrica 2000 Networkの前代表であり、MY DREAM.orgの信頼できるアドバイザーでもあるアディサ L. ヤクブに、プロジェクトの近況と今後の課題などについて報告しに行きました。話を聞いた上で、彼女はコミュニティ自らの手で行動計画を立てられるように村の人たちをトレーニングすることを提案今月の19日、彼女自らがワークショップを実施してくれることが決まりました。彼女は元々北部出身。現地語ダグバニ語で学ぶ行動計画の立て方、今から村の人たちの反応が楽しみです。

<<March 2014>>

Over the weekend of 29-30th, people in Bognayili celebrated the first week of the birth of a new-born baby, the fifth son of MY's project coordinator, Mr. Zak. On Saturday night, more than hundred people gathered around his house and from the evening, they started a community gathering. One by one, they started telling their thoughts and ideas to improve surroundings of children so as to raise them as future leader of the community. Sometime, I hear criticism against polygamy and/or having too-many children. They may be right in some senses, however I believe people in Bognayili, where majority of men who has family has multiple wives and many children, are very serious and committed to better the environments for children. MY will work hard in close cooperation with such determined colleague.

3月29-30日の週末、ボナイリ村の皆はMY DREAMプロジェクトのコーディネーター・ザックの,産まれたばかりの5人目の息子の生誕1週間をお祝いするために集まりました。土曜日の夕方から、100名を越える村の人々が家の周りに集まり、集会を始めました。一人ずつ、子どもたちをコミュニティの未来を牽引するリーダーに育てるためにはどうすればいいか、ということについて、それぞれのアイディアや想いを語り始めました。時々、この地域に定着している一夫多妻制について、批判の声が聞こえてくることがあります。きっとその批判はある部分では間違ってないのかもしれない、と思います。けれど、家族ある男性の殆どが2名以上の奥さんを持って多くの子どもを養うボナイリ村の人たちの生活を見つめていると、彼らの子どもの生きる環境を少しでもよくしたいという想いとそれを実現させるために彼らがいかにコミットしているかという姿を見ると、彼らのまっすぐさを、真剣さを感じさせられます。MY DREAM.orgは、そんな彼らと、しっかりと協力の手を結びながら、歩んで行きたいと思っています。

<<March 2014>>

On 15th March, the Health Team of MY discussed upon some challenges they wanted to address regarding health and sanitation at MY DREAM School. Rubbish in the school compound is among them. Every morning, children on sweeping duty clean their rooms with tiny brooms and sweep rubbish out classrooms. The team has decided to make a rubbish bin for children so that they will be able to keep the entire space of MY DREAM School clean.
Garbage disposal is actually not only a problem in the school but for the whole community. For people who have believed that things return to dust and biodegrade into the soil, throwing things even including plastic bags away is nothing strange. So as to address the problem radically, we may need to consider how to change the norm in the community as a whole. (Photo by Castle)

15日(土)、MY DREAM.orgの保健チームが、ミーティングの中で挙げた幼稚園の保健・衛生問題の中で最も気になるもの。プラスチックの袋を含むゴミの散乱。MY DREAM幼稚園では毎日の授業が始まる前に、お当番の子どもたちが教室の掃き掃除をします。今回のミーティングで、保健チームが子どもたち用に、外に掃き出されたゴミを回収するゴミ箱を手作りすることが決まりました。

<<January 2014>>

Kids in Bognayili tried AYATORI, a Japanese play, for the first time ever! It's always amazing to find a child to be pretty good at something. This time, we found that Zefau quickly mastered this play and could even teach how to for her friends, which made me feel so happy and smile.


Happy New Year 2014!

<<January 2014>>

Happy new year**! We all wish you a very merry year full of happiness and fruitful moments. I hope to see you at MY DREAM School this year in Bognayili. **People in Bognayili celebrate a new year on 19th January.

皆様、明けましておめでとうございます**。本年が皆様にとって幸せと充実した時間に満ちた1年となりますように。今年は是非MY DREAM幼稚園にお越し下さることを楽しみにしています!**ボナイリでは1月19日に正月を祝うお祭りが開催されます。

<<December 2013>>

For all friends and families who have kindly supported and been together with MY DREAM projects throughout the year of 2013, may your holidays be filled with joy and good cheer and the New Year 2014 bring you peace and happiness. 

2013年を通してMY DREAMプロジェクトを支えてくださった皆様のホリデーが素晴らしい時間に満ちたものでありますように。そして、新年2014年が、皆様にとって一層幸せで平和な時間にあふれたものとなりますように。

<<December 2013>>

MY DREAM School children had an year-end exam on 10th. Children in an upper class were solving questions in addition, subtraction and multiplication (Wow!), while copying questions seriously from the blackboard. It's been an year since MY DREAM School was inaugurated in November last year. At the beginning, the number of students were roughly 140, which has increased to about 180 by today. One of the Education team members told me that he believes that the quality of education they provide at the school has improved with immense help by teachers from Tamale and youth volunteers, however so as to meet the demands of children and parents and accommodate that number of students, he still finds a lot of problems that need to be tackled. 

10日、MY DREAM幼稚園の子どもたちは算数の期末テストを受けていました。3年生のクラスの子どもたちは、真剣に黒板の問題を書き写しながら、足し算、引き算、かけ算を一生懸命解いていました。昨年11月にMY DREAM幼稚園が開園して、早くも1年が経過し、その間に、子どもたちの人数は140名から180名近くまでふくれあがりました。教育チームのメンバーの一人は、(ボナイリから車で1時間ほど離れた)タマレから来てくれる先生や村のボランティアの若者たちのおかげで、教育の質はどんどん上がっているけれど、子どもと親の要望に応え、180名もの子どもたちに十分な学習・遊戯スペースを与えるためにも、まだまだ課題は山積している、と話してくれました。

<<November 2013>>

Education team for MY DREAM Project has been established! Damba, Fatimata, Abukari, Shaheidu and Ibrahim are fully committed members of the project and nominated themselves as leading core members of the educational projects for children of MY DREAM School. According to their first report, as of 29th November, the number of kids at MY DREAM School is 177, 106 boys and 71 girls. During the next several weeks, they will conduct some research and identify challenges that the school confronts. After selecting the most urgent one that should be prioritized to address, they will discuss strategies to solve the identified issues. Please keep your eyes on their efforts!

MY DREAMプロジェクトの教育チームが設立されました。ダンバ、ファティマタ、アブカリ、シャハイドゥ、イブラヒムの5名は、子どもたちの教育にとても熱心に取り組んできました。今回メンバーを募ると真っ先に手を挙げ、その想いを熱く語ってくれました。彼らによると、11月29日現在、MY DREAM幼稚園に通う子どもたちの数は177名。男の子が106名、女の子が71名。この先数週間をかけて、彼らはじっくり幼稚園を観察し、その問題点を洗い出し、その中でも最も早急に対応が必要な問題に対する対処先を練っていく予定です。

<<October 2013>>

Another HappyDoll session took place on 8th November! 300+ children of primary schools in Bognayili were extraordinarily excited. As it was the same for children of MY DREAM School, HappyDoll became the first doll ever for their own. Needless to say how children were pleased to join the session, however the most important thing that we learned from the session was how important the daily-base education and discipline is. Honestly speaking, the session may also be described as "uncontrollable". Maybe children were too excited to see colourful dolls, pens and guests from oversea. I cannot thank enough to Madome Fatumata who has educated and disciplined MY DREAM School kids so that they were able to listen to us, wait until their turn comes, and most importantly think about others rather than being selfish in the previous session held in September. I never mean to blame children themselves of primary schools, where they hardly see teachers come to teach from the town. They have not learned things that children of MY DREAM School are learning from Madame Fatumata, Yahaya and all volunteer teachers from the village on a daily basis. Although MY DREAM School as well is confronting a number of issues, we were convinced of the importance of early-childhood education to create the fundamental of their behaviour and attitude. To better the situation surrounding children in Bognayili, yes we need physical assistance. However, moreover, we are in need of advice about education and discipline from you. Please let us know of your experience and thought as a teacher, parent, caregiver and so forth.ー(Photo by Kazushi)

HappyDollセッション第2弾が10月8日に開催されました。300名もの小学校の子どもたちが、これまでにないくらいの興奮の渦に包まれました。MY DREAM幼稚園の子どもたちにとってもそうであったように、小学生の子どもたちにとってもまた、HappyDollは初めてもつ自分だけのお人形。子どもたちがどれだけ喜んだかは言うまでもありませんが、私たちにとってとても重要だった学びは、日々の教育としつけがいかに重要であるかということでした。正直なところ、セッションは子どもたちの喜びにあふれていた一方で、「制御不能」な状態であったとも描写できるものでした。カラフルなHappyDollやペン、外国からのお客さんの訪問に、子どもたちは興奮しすぎてしまったのかもしれません。MY DREAM幼稚園の先生ファトゥマタは、毎日子どもたちに、話を聞くことの大切さ、順番をまつことの大切さ、そして何よりも自分勝手になるのではなくて相手のことを思うことを教えています。結果、HappyDollセッション第1弾は、穏やかで思いやりに包まれた雰囲気の中で実施されました。小学校の子どもたちを責めたい訳ではありません。小学校には先生たちが町からほとんど来ず、来たとしても、十分な教育が行き届いていないのは一目瞭然です。彼らは、幼稚園の子どもたちが日々ファトゥマタやヤハヤ、その他のボランティアの先生たちから学んでいることを学ぶ機会がこれまでなかったのです。MY DREAM幼稚園にも、まだまだ課題は山積しています。ですが、HappyDollセッションを通じて、子どもたちの振る舞いや態度の基礎をつくるために、幼稚園教育がいかに重要かを再確認することが出来ました。ボナイリの子どもたちをとりまく環境を少しでもよくするために、もちろん物質的な支援も必要ではありますが、それ以上に、子どもたちのための教育としつけに関する知識とアドバイスが必要です。先生としての、親としての、保育者としての経験や考え、皆様の知恵を是非貸していただけるとうれしいです。ー(写真提供:和識) >>>>>

<<September 2013>>

Please find a story and awesome pictures by Selase from his webpage! He kindly posted a journal titled "A Humanitarian journey."ーYukari


<<September 2013>>

I met twin babies who were born just a week before during my stay in Bognayili. They were tiny and beautiful. In Northern part of Ghana, great proportion of babies are delivered at home, without the attendance of a skilled health professional. However, these twin boy and girl were delivered at a hospital a couple of hours away from the village. Their mother and family are fully aware of the importance of antenatal care, delivery at health facility, and postnatal care. Btw, as you see, "outdooring" of babies is such a big ceremonial event for babies and family that all the close family members get dressed pretty well for this big day. The mother, as you see in the picture, wears the best clothes and accessories. I am so excited to see twin babies' growth hereafter!ー(Photo by Kayo)


<<September 2013>>

MY DREAM School got filled with excitement and happiness thanks to the first HappyDoll session in September, 2013. All 170 children received their own HappyDoll and made one for children somewhere in the world. For many of them, the HappyDoll they received became their first doll ever. They understood well that the dolls had been decorated by somebody in the US or elsewhere in the world. When I asked them a question, "Do you also want to send a doll that you decorate for someone in the other country?" They raised their hands and chanted cheerfully and smilingly, "Yes!!!" HappyDoll decorated by children in Bognayili will be sent back to New York so that will send them to children who are also in need! Children will all get connected through exchanging HappyDoll!ー (Photo by Ayako)

9月、MY DREAM幼稚園は、興奮と幸せな雰囲気に包まれました。HappyDoll.orgから届いたHappyDollが、170人の生徒全員の手元に渡りました。多くの子どもたちにとって、HappyDollは、初めての自分だけのお人形。皆、お人形が他の国の誰かによって描かれた物であることをよく理解し、私が「皆も世界のどこかの子どもたちに、同じようにお人形をプレゼントしたい?」と聞くと、勢いよく手を上げ、元気な声と満面な笑みで、「贈りたい!」と答えてくれました。ボナイリの子どもたちによって描かれたHappyDollたちは、NYに送られ、そこからまた世界のお人形を必要とする子どもたちのもとにHapoyDoll.orgによって届けられます。HappyDollを交換することで、世界中の子どもたちが繋がっていきます!ー(写真提供:あやこ) >>>>>

<<August 2013>>

Children in Bognayili mastered "Under the Big Chestnut Trees" in Japanese;) It was just amazing to witness children learning how to pronounce and dance just in a few minutes. They'll greet and welcome you saying "Konnichiwa!" (Hello in Japanese) with big smiles in Bognayili!


<<August 2013>>

This beautiful advertisement will appear in the upcoming issue of Japanese magazine "Oar"!! 

The advertisement says, "We are waiting for your visit in Bognayili ーYukari Hara. In 2012, I came to Bognayili, a village in Northern part of Ghana, as an intern. During my home-staying in the village, people provided me with food and accommodation etc. and allowed me to learn their lives, which were very precious experience for me. While spending time with people in the village, I came to feel like doing something to reciprocate what they had kindly done for me. After careful consideration and discussion with people, we came up with an idea to construct a building for pre-school children in Bognayili, who at that time were studying under the trees. This is how "Kindergarten Even in the Rain" Project was launched. In November 2012, thanks to thoughtful and heartwarming contribution from people around the world, MY DREAM School was completed. Today, approximately 170 children are learning at the kindergarten. Now, however we are facing another challenge, quality of education. We are waiting for people coming to visit and stay in Bognayili and share their experience, to which children in the village have never exposed. Please come to visit the village and share your world with children!" 


Oar Facebook Page>>>>>>>>>>

<<July 2013>>

Children at MY DREAM School say loud "Arigato", which means thank you in Japanese! Today, they are learning some Japanese words along with English and their local language, Dagbani.

MY DREAM幼稚園の子どもたちが大声で「ありがとう」を伝えてくれている動画です。現地語のダグバニ語と英語に加えて、子どもたちは少しずつ日本語も勉強しています。

<<July 2013>>

High Five magazines from Highlists traveled from the US to Bognayili! You can find a story in English about it from here: Highlights Blog. I cannot thank enough to Highlights and a professor who connected me with them. 

アメリカの団体Highlightsが発行する子ども向け雑誌High Fiveがボナイリの子どもたちに届けられました。村の子どもの大多数にとって、High Fiveは初めて持つ自分だけのカラフルな本。雑誌を手にとった子どもたちは満面の笑みで、宝物を抱きしめるように本を抱えていました。雑誌を題材に開いた「間違い探し」の授業では、子どもたちが必死に絵に見入り、間違いを見つけるなり手を挙げ大声で、自慢げに友だちに自分の発見を共有していました。2012年の半年間の私の村での経験を聞いて、私とHighlightsをつなげてくれた、キャリアを通して子どもたちのために働いてきた大学の教授に心から感謝。

<<July 2013>>

A new play material, jump rope arrived in Bognayili! Throughout the play, children quickly learned how to jump rope, to wait for their turns, and to play together. By the next time I visit the village, they will surely master jump rope!


<<June 2013>> 

HappyDoll came to Bognayili! In June 2013, ten sample HappyDoll arrived in the village and were donated to MY DREAM School. Another hundreds of dolls will be sent to the village for children in the kindergarten as well as two primary schools along with the HappyDoll session throughout September to November, where each child recive one doll for him/herself and decorate one blank doll for somebody in the world. Children and their parents were so excited about the idea of exchanging hand-decrated dolls between Ghana and somewhere else in the world.  Today, a few hours of class time in the kindergarten is alloted for drawing, and children are practicing for the up-coming HappyDoll session!

HappyDollがボナイリにやってきた!2013年6月、サンプルとして10のHappyDollが村に届けられ、MY DREAM幼稚園に寄贈されました。9−11月にかけてさらに何百もの人形が村に届けられ、500人近くの子どもたちがHappyDollセッションに参加する予定です。セッションでは、子ども一人一人に世界の誰かが描いた人形がプレゼントされ、同時に、子どもたちも人形を世界の誰かにプレゼントするために、真っ白の人形に各々の好きな絵を描きます。自分の人形をプレゼントしてもらえること、カラーペンでお絵描きができること、そんな初めての体験にあふれたHappyDollセッションの告知に子どもたちは大興奮。幼稚園の時間割にはお絵描きの時間が追加され、子どもたちはセッションを心待ちにしながらお絵描きの練習をしています。 >>>>>