Cleanup Project

When stepping inside Bognayili, you may easily find plastic bags thrown away on the ground. Years back, most of their wastes could go back to the soil, but plastic bags do not.


Most of people in Bognayili are farmers, and live along with live stocks and its great nature spreading all over the village. Just a decade ago, most of the waste they disposed may have returned to nature. However today there are garbages that cannot be biodegraded, like plastic bags. Plastics thrown away remain on the ground and never go back to dust. Animals may eat these plastics, which they cannot digest and may even threat their lives. 


MY's Health Team, in collaboration with Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) and their counterparts, has started to think how to encourage and mobilize people to cleanup their living place. They all have knowledge that tossing plastic bags is bad for nature, but it does not necessarily mean that knowledge will directly change their attitudes or behaviors. On 11th May 2014, a group of JOCV kindly came to assist the team to organize villagers to practice a cleanup exercise. Health Team members and participants wore rubber gloves and masks and enjoyed themselves cleaning up a target area set for the day. The Cleanup Project is just launched and will be continued, which is the most important thing to materialize the environment they dream! (Photo by Yoko Higuchi)

MY DREAM.orgの保健チームは、青年海外協力隊のメンバーと、彼らのカウンターパートの協力を得ながら、どうすれば村の人たちを村の清掃活動のために動員できるかどうか考え始めました。村の皆は、プラスチックの袋を捨てることが良くないということは理解しています。けれど、知識を持っていることは必ずしも、考え方や行動を改めることに結びつくとは限りません。2014年5月11日、協力隊の皆さん達が、クリーンアップ・エクササイズの実施のために村に来てくれました。村人達は貰ったビニール手袋とマスクをして、楽しみながら設定されたエリアの掃除を始めました。クリーンアップ・プロジェクトはまだ始まったばかり、継続させることが何よりも重要です!(写真提供:樋口陽子)