Four-student volunteers have created a picture book titled "RUKATA" in 2016. This book will be donated for children across Japan to deepen their understand and foster their affinity to Africa.


Story begins with the phrase "A village called Bognayili, which locates in hot-weather Ghana in Africa. Rukaya, who live in the village is a girl of five years old. She likes her family and drawing." Please find the whole story by clicking here or the picture above.


RUKAYA~Story of a girl in a village, Ghana/ ルカヤ~ガーナの村の女の子

After two and half a years of a long journey, MY DREAM picture book "Rukaya" is finally completed. Please click the link below and find beautiful pictures that capture lives in Bognayili, Ghana and stories (in Japanese only for now). Thank you indeed, particularly those who kindly supported us through READYFOR, for your kind support to materialize the project!
>>>>> Web Picture Book "RUKAYA: http://rukaya.netlify.com/

2年半の制作期間を経て、ついについにMY DREAM絵本「ルカヤ」が完成しました!以下リンク先より、ウェブ版を是非ご覧ください。村の生活を描き出した美しい絵と物語、是非お楽しみいただければと思います。READYFORを通じて応援くださった皆様をはじめ、本プロジェクトの実現に当たり、ご協力くださった皆様、本当にありがとうございます!
>>>>>  ウェブ版絵本「ルカヤ」http://rukaya.netlify.com/

We donated 100 books to kindergartens and schools across Japan!/

Printed 100 books have been donated for kindergartens, schools, libraries, children's homes and private schools across Japan.

We hope that this book will assist children, who are studying world histories, wars and conflicts, to have not only negative but also positive impressions toward Africa.



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DEVELOPMENT TOWARD COMPLETION (Japanese only)/ 完成までの道のり(日本語のみ)


MY DREAM Project was launched by an initiative by Hikari, a sister of Yukari, Executive Director f MY DREAM. When she visited Bognayili in 2013, she strongly felt that she wants to convey a message that tells the real picture of Africa, rather than a common message that says Africa is full of poverty stories, through showing the cheerful daily scenery from the village, while wishing children in Japan will feel more close or have some sense of intimacy to Africa. Three of her friends agreed with her aspiration and started working on the project in early 2014.

>>>>>Project outline at READYFOR (Japanese only)

MY DREAM絵本プロジェクトは、2013年にボナイリ村を訪れたMY DREAM. org代表の原の妹・ひかりの「貧しいアフリカというネガティブなイメージだけではない、ボナイリ村の明るい毎日の様子を伝えたい」「日本の子どもにもアフリカをもっと身近に感じてほしい」という気持ちを受け集まってくれた4人の大学生の熱い想いによってスタートしたプロジェクトです。


MY DREAM Picture Book Team/ MY DREAM絵本チーム

Summer 2014―MY DREAM.org is happy to have a picture book team consist of four student volunteers based in Japan. Masumi at the center edits and arranges a story in a way that attracts both children and adults around the world, Chisae on her left draws beautiful pictures for the book with her amazing imagination, Hikari on Masumi's right coordinates and manages the entire project, and Shogo on the far right does in-depth research on picture book and handles logistics to complete the final outcome of the project. Cannot wait to introduce their final product!

2014年夏― MY DREAM.orgの絵本チームは、日本の現役学生ボランティア4名から成り立っています。写真中央のますみさんは、世界中の大人にも子どもにも楽しんでもらえるように物語をアレンジし、その左のちさえさんは、素晴らしい創造力で美しい絵を描き、逆となりのひかりさんはプロジェクト全体の管理と調整を行ない、一番右のしょうごさんは絵本全般についてのリサーチを行ない、出版に向けた手配を行なっています。絵本チームが世に送り出す完成品のお披露目が待ち遠しいです!

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