In a village of 2,000 population, there are only two sets of toilets attached to two primary schools, which are dirty, smelling and full of worms…



Each compound in the community has one or two so-called "bathroom", where people literary take a bath with a bucket of water and also urinate. Both water and pee go out of the compound through a tiny pipe and left as it is on the ground. You may easily guess it could become a source of ill sanitation and/or even that of germs, worms and diseases in the end. 


Bored-hole Latrine

Bognayili, with the population of about 2,000 has only two sets of toilets, which are attached to primary schools. These toilets are pit-latrine type, where a few meters of borehole is simply covered with a concrete shack that has small rooms with a hole on the floor. Doors have been broken and removed after a few years. While people put ashes on the top of piled feces occasionally, they basically leave the feces under the shack alone without removing it or utilizing it as fertilizer or something.


Toilet Project

May 2014- Health team of MY, while receiving intellectual assistance by Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) and other professionals, is now considering how to better the sanitation in Bognayili. Ill sanitation, they believe, is attributed to unmanaged toilet and/or sewage system. Today, they are discussing which type of toilets and sewage is best suit for the environment of Bognayili.

2014年5月- MY DREAM.orgの保健チームは、青年海外協力隊や他の専門家の力を借りつつ、どうすれば村の衛生状態を改善できるのか検討しています。村の不衛生な状態の大きな原因は、管理されていないトイレと下水にあると彼らは考えています。今、保健チームは、村の環境に一番合ったトイレや下水のシステムはどのようなものなのかを話し合っているところです。

2015年2月- We've been discussing about "toilets" many times for the last two years. In Bognayili with roughly 2,000 population, only two men-and-women toilet units attached to primary schools exist, which locate a bit far from where people actually live. We urinate at a closed place in each family compound, which is also used as a bathroom. In other cases, we go for "the wild toilet" under the huge sky with a small hoe to dig a hole for an instant toilet. We hear you groaning awwwww..., however it has long been a very ordinary part of people's life. Well, however when it comes rainy season, feces outside could be a source of diseases. Sanitary environment becomes an unpleasant one. Health team, particularly Inusah has worked on some research and study on toilet in neighboring communities. He found a certain type of toilet he wants to bring to first MY DREAM School,and guest house. Here're the proposals he wrote up and some invoices. This is just the beginning of the whole toilet project that may not just be completed with construction of toilets for these two facilities. 

2015年2月-「トイレ問題」はこの2年間、何度も私たちの間で話題に上りました。約2000人の人口を抱えるボナイリ村ですが、トイレという形をとったトイレは、皆の住む場所からは少し離れた小学校2校に併設された二つのトイレのみ。小の方は、各家のコンパウンド内に設置された水浴び場兼トイレな囲いの中で用を足せます。それ以外は、小さなくわを持って即席で作る空の下の「自然のトイレ」へ。皆さんの唸る声が聞こえるようですが、それは長い間皆にとって過ぎて行く毎日の当たり前の光景でした。とはいえ、雨季になれば屋外の糞尿は病気の根源になりかねず、村の衛生環境は悪化します。そんな問題に対応するために、保健チームの中でも特にイヌサは特に熱心に周囲の村のトイレを調べに行ったりしながらボナイリ村に設置するならどんなトイレがいいか考えてきました。そしてついに見つかった彼の思うコレ!というトイレを、MY DREAM幼稚園とゲストハウスに設置するというプロポーザルと予算見積もりが出て来ました。二つ作った後の更なる広がりの展望も既に考えているようです。トイレプロジェクト、2年の考察期間を経てようやく動き始めそうです。

Inusah, a member of Health team


A model toilet the health team found in a neibouring village, Mbagnayili. After observing the toilet, they realised what they need is not any more public toilet, for which people are less likely to have a sense of responsibility to maintain it clean, but a private toilet that is designated for a specific organisation or family who keep it locked and maintain it clean and sustainable. They decided to construct the first two toilets for MY DREAM School and MY DREAM Guest House as a model latrine in Bognayili, which may motivate people to have their own toilet at their house compound in the end. In the mid and long run, they plan that MY DREAM. org will subsidise some portion of the cost for construction of a latrine for each family so that people will find it easier to have their own toilet at home, which will result in establishing sanitary environment in the community.

保健チームが近隣の村ンバナイリで見つけたモデルトイレ。このトイレの視察後、保健チームは、ボナイリ村に必要なトイレは、人々の中に維持管理の責任意識がもたれにくい新たな公衆トイレではなく、一定の組織や家族に割り当てられた鍵のかかるトイレだと考えるようになりました。鍵をかけ、管理する主体が明確になれば、トイレを清潔に保ち、大切に持続的に使う意識が芽生えると考えたのです。彼らはまずMY DREAM幼稚園とゲストハウスにそれぞれモデルトイレを建設し、村の人達が自分たちの家にもトイレを作りたいと思う切っ掛けづくりに取り組みたいという発想に至りました。中長期的には、そのモデルトイレを見て、自分の家にもトイレを建設したいと思った家族のためのトイレ建設を一部MY DREAM. orgが援助し、村の衛生環境整備に貢献するという構想を持っています。

Picture (Left) by Yoshiharu Sugino/ 写真提供(左):杉野吉治

April 2015- Construction of a latrine at MY DREAM School is finally under construction! Children belong to MY DREAM School also help their parents and people to complete the toilet.

2015年4月- まずは幼稚園のトイレから、建設が進んでいます!自分たちのトイレづくりをするお父さんお母さん、村の大人達と一緒に、子どもたちもお手伝いしてくれています。

June 2015- A pair of latrines are finally completed! The block is painted with the same colour of MY DREAM School, yellow and orange. School teachers are telling kids how to use the toilet.

2015年6月- 幼稚園のトイレが完成しました!MY DREAM幼稚園とお揃いの黄色×オレンジのトイレ。幼稚園の先生たちが子どもたちに使い方を指導してくれています。